Layering for Cold Weather

Layering is the key to riding in the cold weather. Wear different weights of clothing especially breathable material and waterproof. The overall purpose is to use as much insulation to trap the heat and keep you warm. TIP: For the first layer, wear a lightweight wicking fabric on the skin, polyester based is best. For these garments especially when […]Read more
Man holding injured knee, cropped

Cycling and Knee Pain

Most people just think knee pain is associated with high impact sports like running. But actual;y your knees can take a beating cycling too because of the repetitive motion. Still there are ways to protect yourself. Check your saddle and pedal height. This can often be causing knee strain and a simple adjustment can alleviate […]Read more

Muscle Recovery

One of the ways you become a better cyclist is through learning how your muscles adapt and recover. So you train which causes micro tears in your muscles and then you recover which might include swelling and lactic acid build up. But you have to learn how to do this and  specifically how your body does this. […]Read more

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