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First 5 Bike Tools You Need to Buy

Floor Pump Even if you never actually get a flat by puncturing your tube, your tires will eventually go flat if you don’t pump them up. That’s because the rubber is slightly porous and naturally loses air, even in as little time as overnight. You’ll want to have a standard floor pump (not just a […]Read more
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Guide to Pumping Your Tires

Tires need the right amount of air to function optimally, and getting them to the right psi efficiently can require some finesse. Mitch McCloud at Kamikaze Bikes in Collingwood, Ontario, walks us through the tire-pumping process. Pick the Right Bike Pump McCloud says that a common mistake new (and even experienced) riders make when pumping their […]Read more
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3 Tips to Care for Your Bike Frame

Kicking Corrosion Besides bike accidents, the greatest enemy a steel frame may face is corrosion. You needn’t worry about this much if you ride an aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium frame. But if yours is steel (if you’re not sure, check it with a magnet), take care. If you sweat a lot on your bike […]Read more
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4 Safety Tips for Urban Cyclists

Avoid the door zone. Car doors are the most insidious hazard facing the city rider. Opening doors swing directly into the space that bikes occupy, and they’re difficult to anticipate. The sound of car door opening is ominously similar to the cocking of a gun. The only way to avoid getting doored is to assume […]Read more
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Things You Should Know Before Riding Downhill

Ride in the drops With your hands on the lower part of the handlebar, your center of gravity is closer to the ground, like a racecar. Also, your weight will be more evenly distributed between the front and rear wheels, which helps maintain traction, especially during braking and turning. Scan ahead Look for danger signs […]Read more
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7 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

1. Protect your head. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all cycling deaths in the U. S. every year. Many of these deaths could be avoided if everyone wore a helmet while cycling. Always wear a helmet when riding and make sure your kids do as well. Many states have bike helmet […]Read more
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How to Wash Your Bike Like a Pro

The Wash Remove your wheels and insert a dummy axle, or a chain keeper. “I like to insert a chain keeper [a guide for your chain when the cassette is removed] to keep tension on the drivetrain,” Mike says. It’s fine to skip this step if you don’t want to spring for the tool, but using […]Read more

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